What’s On My iPhone

Recently, someone asked me about my top iPhone apps. Michael Hyatt has written a great post about his iPhone apps. Read the comments of his readers for more great ideas.

I am a functional person so I typically don’t download a bunch of game and entertainment apps. I’m also cheap so I almost never buy an app. If it ain’t free, I probably don’t have it.

 I do, however, get tons of mileage out of the preloaded iPhone apps:

    1. Email – My most used app. I manage nearly all of my email through the email app. That way when I get in my office, the items left in my inbox are primarily projects that require more than a couple of minutes to complete.
    2. Calendar – Second only to the email app, my calendar syncs with Microsoft Exchange so my iPhone and office computer are always synced. My assistant also has access to my calendar so she can manage and edit my calendar as necessary. Any task that requires more than a few minutes to complete gets scheduled on my calendar. The calendar keeps me on track all day. I’m chronic ADHD so I’ve had to learn to discipline myself this way.
    3. Maps – I search for almost anything I’m looking for in the Maps app – you can find most any business in the app (with phone number and web address). People have tried to get me to use other food and entertainment locators, I’ve just never needed anything more than Maps (and I travel a lot).
    4. Stocks – I keep track of mutual funds that I’ve invested in and manage in our personal IRA accounts. Although I’m not emotionally effected by fluctuations in the market, I like to keep up with it and track it in my personal financial software.

My most used downloaded apps:

    1. USAToday – I like reading the news but want it in a simple, clean format. USAToday gives me Top Stories, Sports, and Money news. I prefer FoxNews but did not like their app and haven’t checked to see if they updated it recently. For more detailed sports info, I also use the ESPN mobile site – I can get more detailed info and options there. I’ve tried some sports apps but prefer the simpler news format.
    2. Twitter – I use this when posting photo links and long tweets to Twitter. Most simple tweets I text to Twitter. I don’t follow a ton of people on Twitter because I pay attention to everyone I follow – those I’m really interested in I get text updates of their tweets (I have an unlimited text plan.) I’ve tried all kinds of Twitter/Social Network apps and ended up back with Twitter. It does everything I need.
    3. Facebook – I have Facebook sync all my tweets automatically so I only get on Facebook to respond to a message or manage comments.
    4. (Travel apps – I travel quite a bit so I use some proprietary apps to manage my reservations, points, rewards, etc. I use Hilton the most.)
    5. YouVersion Bible – My favorite Bible app for reading – I’ve tried several others but YouVersion has nearly every Bible version and is easy to use, read, and search. If you are looking for study helps or tools, you won’t find them on YouVersion.

You can see – I’m pretty functional. OK – I’m boring! Tell me what apps I SHOULD HAVE on my iPhone.

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  • GJ

    Try Waze – it’s a social media GPS. You’ll never look at Maps again. And I completely agree on You Version Bible. There are an amazing array of plans and study options there.

  • GasBuddy: it reports gas prices closest to you so you’re getting the lowest gas nearby. Plus, by reporting/updating prices you see, you’re entered to win gas gift cards. Plus it’s free. 🙂

  • What… No games!?!

    Mike, you were ahead of your time at Crown, too!

    • Michael Nichols

      Nope. No games Patrick. My daughter doesn’t appreciate that. 😉

      I “play” with WordPress, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Twitter apps – guess I need to add them to my list!

  • I used to tease Mike Nichols for ‘playing w his phone in church’ but I knew he had the bible in there…he was just ahead of his time:)

    • Michael Nichols

      Thanks Susan! 😉 The story of my life – ahead of my time! I’m learning to communicate that vision more effectively – a work in progress.

      I miss our conversations! You’re always an encouragement! Michael