When You Think You Can’t Give More – Give Anyway

When I feel like there’s nothing left, when I’m under enormous pressure, when my life and work are chaotic – even then, I can give more – to my family, to my team, to my friends, to future leaders. And so can you.

When you feel like you can't give more - give anyway

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I wrote previously about a life-changing experience that taught me I could give more. Check out that article – it will add value to this one.

5 Ways a Coach Can Help You

Mark Miller is a Vice President at Chick-fil-A corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. I recently asked him –

As you have interacted with business professionals for more than 30 years at all levels of organizations, what have you found to be their greatest need?

Simple One-Page Business Plan Template

Without hesitating, he said –

Everyone needs a coach – everyone. The majority of people may not agree with me. And most people don’t have a coach. But a coach enhances your natural ability. A coach helps you see and do what you can’t see and do on your own.

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A great coach tells you what you may not be prepared to hear, helps you see what you could not see, and can help you improve beyond what you ever thought you could be.

A good coach helps YOU identify what needs to been done, then helps you do it. The ultimate goal of a coach is to lead others to succeed because a great coach believes that every person has the potential to grow.

A coach can lead you to reach your full potential.

The NEW Personal Life Plan Guide

Every person should have a Personal Life Plan that is reviewed and updated regularly.

Personal Life Plan

I wrote a personal life plan in 2004. Shortly after I wrote my life plan, I began working with Raymond Gleason at Building Champions. These two changes have significantly impacted my life and work. During my life plan review recently, I noted 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a One…

3 Personal Life Plan Tips Most People Miss

Over the past 15 years, we’ve coached hundreds of people through personal and business planning. Nearly every week I am reminded  that I am privileged to work with so many remarkably talented people. Yet event these high-performing leaders face day-to-day challenges that threaten the well-being of their life and work relationships.

Personal Life Plan Tips

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3 Personal Life Plan Tips Most People Miss

I recently spent some time thinking about the hurdles that trip up nearly everyone as they work through a personal life plan.

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I want you to be effective. I want you to be successful. So here are 3 Tips for Personal Life Planning Most People Miss…

You Have More to Give

A number of years ago, I was serving as an administrator at a college in Tennessee. I was under enormous pressure at work to deliver significant growth for the institution.

You Have More to Give | Michael Nichols

My team was feeling the pressure – and I kept telling myself that it was temporary. But there was really no end in sight.

So I kept pushing harder and faster.

At the time, I was dealing with my own demons. I wasn’t spending enough time with my family. My sweet wife was managing our home and our daughter on her own. I felt like such a hypocrite – trying to help others improve, when I needed to change.

It’s tough to face your team every day when you feel like that.

My wife, Sarah, remembers the afternoon years ago, when I stood in our kitchen explaining to her what I was experiencing – what I was feeling. She listened patiently, supportively like she always does. Then she calmly responded – “For about 6 months I’ve felt like a part of you is dying, and I don’t know if you’ll ever get it back.”