Are You Living and Working With Passion?

This is a guest post by Chris Patton, President of the Patton Auto Family, which represents seven new car franchises and employs more than 100 people. You can connect with Chris on his Blog, Twitter or LinkedIn.

To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable.  – Beethoven

Are You Living and Working With Passion?

From the moment I read this quote I’ve not stopped thinking about it. It has come up over and over again in my mind.

As a thought about its application to my life and work, I realized that it is really a litmus test to determine whether or not we are living and leading with passion. Here’s how…

Moms are Leaders Too!

This is a guest post by Danielle Dyball – keynote speaker, author, and coach devoted to encouraging overwhelmed moms seeking an exceptional life. Danielle is a mom of 5, works full-time from home, homeschools her children, and cares for her disabled husband. You can find her at

Let’s face it – every mom in the world has an enormous job!

Moms Are Leaders Too

And while they are among the most amazing of leaders, how often do we view moms as leaders?

Sure, there are times when mom leads a group.  What would it look like if moms were regularly acknowledged and praised as leaders? And what would it look like if moms viewed themselves as leaders.

Moms are leaders, it’s time to start acting like it. Here are 3 tips to be a great leader mom…

5 Essential Character Traits of Great Team Members

This is a guest post by Rebecca Livermore. Rebecca is the founder of Professional Content Creation and the author of several books including the new book, Blogger’s Quick Guide to Working with a Team.

I’ll admit straight-up that I’m a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of person. My mantra has long been – Take initiative! Just do it! You’re responsible for your own success!

5 Essential Characteristics of Great Team Members

While I still believe that initiative and hard work are incredibly important, I had to own up to the fact that my do-it-myself personality impeded my growth and the success of my business.

Herbert Hoover beat the drum of rugged individualism during his presidency. He believed that the government’s involvement in the financial affairs of ordinary citizens would impede their growth. His fear was that if the government bailed people out during the Great Depression, people would lose initiative.

And if you’re trying to build your business or blog all on your own, it’s time to accept the fact that alone you’ll only be a fraction of the success that you could be with the help of others.

I know – the challenge is that it can take up to three years to fully integrate new team members. So it’s essential to hire the right team members.

One of the best ways to do so is to hire people of character. Here are 5 essential character traits to look for when hiring members for your team…

3 Ways Smart Leaders Work Less to Get Better Results

This is a guest post by Victor Prince. Victor is co-author of a new book, Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide their Teams to Exceptional Results. He is a consultant and speaker who teaches strategy and leadership skills to clients around the world. You can find him online at and on Twitter and LinkedIn.

At the core of leadership is change that leads to better results. Some leaders try to get more out of their teams and organizations by simply working harder and longer. Smart leaders, however, have figured out that they can get better results by reducing efforts in a few key areas.

3 Ways Smart Leaders Work Less to Get Better Results

In their new book, Lead Inside the Box, Victor Prince and Mike Figliuolo offer 3 Ways that Smart Leaders Work Less to Get Better Results

5 Reasons Your Team Needs a Job Description

This is a guest post by Dr. Ryan Hartwig. Ryan is co-author of Teams That Thrive and associate professor of communication at Azusa Pacific University. Find him online at and on Twitter.

What if every team in your organization had a job description?  What if every team had clarity about the team’s purpose, and how that purpose was different from other teams and individuals in the organization?

5 Reasons Your Team Needs a Job Description

In today’s world, it’s common for most positions in organizations to have a written job description. The job description provides focus, clarifies expectations, delineates qualifications for job candidates, and outlines the criteria for performance evaluation.

But what about teams?