3 Reasons You’re Not Going All In & How To Fix It – Free Webinar

I regularly receive email and phone calls from managers and leaders who are just plain frustrated by the lack of progress in their personal or professional life.

Boost Leader Summit Webinar

They thought they would be further along in their journey than they already are.

If you can relate, then you need a boost in either your personal and professional life.

I’m hosting a free, one-time webinar with my good friends Jeff Goins, Jonathan Milligan, and Dennis McIntee, who specialize in helping people get unstuck.

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Sometimes You Just Need to Push the Button

I waited “patiently” for what seemed like an eternity.

Press the Red Button

I was starving. I watched from the passenger seat as she browsed the menu board.

I fiddled with a couple of apps on my iPad – attempting to get my mind off of my intense hunger.

Finally, I gave in – “Do you know what are you going to order?”

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Have you ever wanted to improve your leadership skills?
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If you answered YES to any of these questions, Boost Leader Summit is for you. You CAN be the leader you’ve always wanted to be. And we can help you get there. I guarantee it.

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The SIMPLE One-Page Business Plan – Template

Most business planning approaches have one similar flaw – they’re far too complicated! The majority of organizations and leaders don’t need a 100-page business plan that sits on a remote shelf in a corner office somewhere collecting dust never again to see the light of day.

Simple One-Page Business Plan Template

What they do need is a ridiculously simple, clear business plan that outlines:

  1. What you will do and what you will become.
  2. How you will reach your goals.
  3. Where you need to make improvements.

If you have not written (and are not regularly reviewing) a simple business plan, you will continue to  struggle with clarity, results, and profit.

[Last week I wrote the article, The ONE Reason Everyone Needs a SIMPLE Business Plan. You may want to review it because it will add value to this article.]

For years, I struggled to make the progress that I knew was possible in my work and with my team. I knew I had to do something. So I developed a Simple, One-Page Business Plan Template.

The template really is simple – which is what allowed me to make significant progress and gain momentum. The template has 4 short sections – End, Action, Change, Review.

Today, I am going to share my template with you.

The ONE Reason Everyone Should Create a SIMPLE Business Plan

When YOU think of business planning, what comes to mind? Scary? Boring? Valuable? Too much trouble? Worthless? Priceless?

Create A One Page Business Plan

There are literally hundreds of business plan guides, software programs, and websites, and thousands of business planning consultants. Many business planning approaches have one similar flaw – they’re far too complicated – even for business leaders.

Many of them would take us days, weeks, months, even years to complete. And then they’d sit on a remote shelf in a corner office somewhere collecting dust never again to see the light of day.

That’s NOT the kind of business plan I’m talking about.